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baby seat


Fitted cover or padded cover

Here you can choose between a fitted cover or a padded cover for the MaxiCosi Cabriofix, Pebbles or Citi model. Please note the model in the shopping cart.

The difference between the fitted cover and the padded cover is that the fitted cover can be pulled over the old cover, which is not padded. The padded cover has full padding and must be pulled over the plastic separately.

If you have a fabric request, please note the fabric categories and fabric numbers in the shopping cart, then we can gladly produce the desired model for you.

The baby seat cover: flexible and practical

Your child wants to be with you everywhere. Especially when it is still very small, the pram and car seat are among the most important baby equipment. Of course, the baby transport equipment should not only look beautiful and be particularly practical, but ideally also comfortable - the baby seat cover offers all of this. With a cover for infant carriers, a long drive or a long walk in the stroller becomes a real pleasure, because the seats are so soft that your darling will be sitting on clouds.

Your offspring wants to eat and drink while driving and you are afraid that something will go wrong? No problem, because the fitted cover for baby carriers is very easy to wash . So your darling can enjoy his food without hesitation. To clean and care for your toddler, you should always pack a muslin diaper when you are out and about. So that they also have something to hand for cleaning, there is a suitable changing mat for on the go, which can be placed practically within reach next to the baby seat.