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There's a lot going on in the children's room
for many, a color match is important, here I am happy to be creative with you and design everything together with you for your children's room.
Nursing pillows, changing mats, bedding or cozy baby pillows, no wish remains unfulfilled. With all things, I pay close attention to selected materials so that you can enjoy and use the things for a long time. For a personal consultation I am available for you via Whatsapp.

Baby bedding for healthy sleep

Baby bedding is specially designed for the little ones and ensures a healthy sleep. Baby blankets and baby pillows must not be too big and thick and must allow for heat equalization so that your little darling cannot overheat. Special baby pillows support sleeping in a healthy supine position and prevent the head from deforming.

Baby bedding must be breathable
So that your little treasure sleeps well protected, there are suitable baby bedding that are tailored to the needs of the little ones. A baby blanket is cuddly soft so that your darling feels comfortable in it. However, it must not be too warm and must enable good temperature equalization so that overheating cannot occur. Baby bedding made from breathable materials is therefore good. Depending on the season, you can vary between thicker and thinner baby blankets. If your sweetheart sleeps under a blanket and not in a sleeping bag, it is also important that he cannot crawl under it completely with his head. Otherwise there is a risk that your baby will not be able to breathe.

Baby bedding supports sleeping on the back
To prevent the baby blanket from slipping, you can fix it to the bed with duvet holders, for example. They are attached to the ceiling with metal clips and hooked onto the bed with rings. You can find suitable holders in the babywalz range of baby bedding. Most doctors and midwives recommend supine as the best sleeping position for babies. So your little darling gets enough air to breathe. When babies sleep on their stomachs, on the other hand, they breathe in most of the used, exhaled air. Baby bedding should be suitable for the supine sleeping position. A baby pillow must allow your sweetheart to turn his head without sinking in.