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pants and sets

In the trousers, which grow with 3 sizes and with an elastic waistband, the children can let off steam as they please. Not only babies feel comfortable in the light pants. Also for For toddlers who are already walking , bloomers are a chic basic for every day. Elasticated waist and wide legs
The bloomers are available in many colorful and child-friendly designs for boys and girls . The models differ from each other in particular in the choice of colour. While pink and red are used for girls in the classic way, the models for boys are kept in blue and green. However, the bloomers can also be plain or patterned. Atelier Mia Mia is very flexible, especially when it comes to visual features. The first thing you notice about her is her wide legs, which end with a cuff right at the ankle. In addition, the bloomers have an elastic waistband, which makes them particularly comfortable to wear.

Comfortable leisure fashion with a high level of comfort
With the baby bloomers you decide for comfortable leisure fashion with high wearing comfort. In the pants, the diaper easily finds space. The trousers are easy to put on, which is particularly beneficial for small children who like to try to put on their first clothes themselves. For the babies, the trousers are above all very comfortable to wear, because the wide cut ensures that the children are not restricted in their movements. In summer, the mostly thin fabrics also promote breathability and prevent babies from sweating. Depending on the manufacturer and model, different materials are used. Silk is just as important as cotton.
Excellent quality pants
These unique and beautiful trousers by Atelier MiaMia impress with their high quality. The particularly soft material guarantees optimal breathability, has a very good fit and is comfortable to wear. So the baby feels completely safe and comfortable.

A real eye-catcher
The pants impress with their simple look. Gray accents add a small highlight to the dark blue trousers.

Easy to put on and take off
Parents and children alike will benefit from the well thought-out design. Comfortable cuffs make it easier to put on and take off and changing is child's play.